About Us

Ham and Doulting Stone is based near Somerton, Somerset, UK. With a wealth of experience in quarrying, cutting & supplying of all types of stone such as Hamstone, Blue Lias and Bath Stone - Ham and Doulting Stone provides a professional and reliable service of outstanding quality.

Run by Zak England, Ham and Doulting Stone believe that natural materials enhance environments and enrich the lives of those who interact with them. All of their stone products are totally natural and a considerable majority are made from stone local to the area.

As well as supplying stone for private commissions, Ham and Doulting Stone work with architectural services and designers throughout the UK on a variety of projects. Whether intended to redefine the interior of a period home or as a complement to steel, glass and timber in a contemporary environment, natural stone provides a harmonious solution to the demands put on it.

The company has its own sawing facilities on site at the main yard in Charlton Adam, using 11 saws in total, they have an amazing capacity to cut stone.

They have a network of subcontractors, such as stonemasons & quarrymen and clients can also enlist the services of their experienced quarrying team.